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Alfred University's SPECTRUM
Faculty and Staff

Daryl Conte one of Alfred's awesome queer staff members asked us to include a faculty resource page.  If any faculty or staff members have suggestions for this page, please email us.  If you are a member of the faculty or staff and are looking for resources on queer youth, please check out our link page or contact us.
Alfred Students have many allies in the Faculty and Staff here.  Many of them have even gone through SAFE ZONE TRAINING.  If you are in need of a Faculty or Staff member to talk to, please email us and we'll refer you to one of our allies.

What is the Safe Zone?

Unlike more visible under-represented groups on campus, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning students and employees cannot be easily identified. Similarly, there is no easy method of identifying persons supportive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered persons and issues.

The Safe Zone provides a way for supportive faculty, staff, and administrators within the Alfred University community to prominently and non-verbally illustrate that they are a safe contact for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students and employees.

To become a Safe Zone participant, one must participate in a two-hour interactive training session. At the training, participants will be asked to examine their personal beliefs and share their thought with other participants. Upon completing the training, participants will receive a resource guide and a Safe Zone magnet. The Safe Zone Program is designed for faculty, staff, administrators, students and community members.

Daryl Conte is Assistant Dean Of Students at Alfred University.  He is always OUT and about Alfred.  He's a fantastic guy and a great person to talk to.  He also has two cute dogs that I think are called Fibi and Fluffy. They're not little dogs either. His office number is (607) 871-2133 and his email is

Brenda Porter, Director of Residence Life, has made a commitment to turning our Residence Halls into communities that are inviting to all students regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, etc...  She has asked to be listed as a resource on our website.  If you wish to contact her, call her office at (607) 871-2186 or email her .

Dr.Vicki Eaklor is Professor of History/Chair of Human Studies at Alfred. She's been Spectrum's Advisor since its early days back in the mid-eighties. She's an out lesbian and has also been an advocate and champion of LGBT Rights at AU. She and her partner initiated the policy granting Domestic Partner Benefits for employees and also helped ban credit for ROTC from our campus (due to their discriminating policies). She teaches Gay/Lesbian History every few years and is a fantastic resource for all students LGBT or not. Her office number is (607) 871-2706/2217 and her email is: .



OCTOBER 13th @7pm